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Iodized Salt Social Marketing Campaign in Nepal


Companies are becoming more adventurous with their online marketing strategies. Instead of simply pinning ads on websites, they are sending out creative campaigns across numerous social media. Some of these are highly successful and go viral within minutes, while for some the buzz dies down without creating much of a stir. Here’s a list of 5 successful social media campaigns and what worked for them.


1. My Starbucks Idea

Starbucks has been a leader in launching marketing campaigns across a number of social media networks. It offered free goodies via Twitter and promoted a free pastry day to Tweeples and Facebook users. These were some of the best media campaigns that were launched and has kept Starbucks consistently on the radar for other companies to shoot down with their campaigns. 


Their My Starbucks Idea is an innovative strategy to not only invite and receive a large amount of business ideas without spending a cent. It is also creating more awareness about the brand and creating a space for interaction with customers at the same time. All powerful web marketing effects.


2. Gap

The apparel brand’s combined campaign with the deal-of-the-day website Groupon generated a windfall of revenues.  When they sold $ 50worth of products for $ 25, they raked in more than $ 11 million in a day. It gave Groupon immense visibility and it brought Gap new customers besides the money.


3. Obama’s Election Campaign

The use of social networking sites for an election campaign made headlines during President Obama’s run for office. The highly successful canvassing brought him 15 million new ‘friends’ across fifteen social media sites. By the day of the elections, Obama had 3 million supporters on Facebook and his rival McCain had 6 hundred thousand.  


4. Mountain Dew

When Mountain Dew was looking for a new flavor to create, they got their fans to participate in creating and choosing the flavor. Their media marketing strategy had a long-term plan complete with country wide tours. To aid the project videos were created and they went viral. Promotions were done through Twitter. The campaign generated huge brand awareness. It allowed the product fans to express their opinions on the new flavors and encouraged interactions.


5. Google Chrome

Arcade Fire’s new video for their song ‘We Used to Wait’ was created with the help of some of the people at Google. Google Chrome ads themselves focus on how fast the browser can be. But the Arcade Fire video is a clever though unstated social media campaign for Chrome. It has so many windows that are interactive and so many movable parts that they recommend running the site with Chrome to prevent slow runs. 

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