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Introducing So Shell Media Dashboard Powered by Fasturtle Digital

Visit our site for all So Shell media solutions: Purchase So Shell for your business NOW: So Shell Media Dashboard by Fasturtle is the state-of-the-art dashboard to assist your business in creating, editing, scheduling and responding on all of your social media channels! Are you tired of using a social media content scheduler platform that is difficult to navigate? Meaningless reports make it difficult to optimize your social media strategy? Your entire team is sharing one login and no one knows who did what? So Shell is the last dashboard you will ever need for managing all of your social media platforms, all your reviews, all of your team, all of messaging. Once you try So Shell, you won’t give a Hoot ever again. If you are new to So Shell media, download this FREE Ebook for tips on managing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, LinkedIn and more:

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