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Interesting user stats for social media in Australia March 2017

Here are some interesting Australian user statistics for social media in the month of March 2017. Links mentioned: Now these are the number of active users in Australia on social media based on March 2017 statistics. Now I’ll just leave it up here for a second and see if you can figure out which network is which. So you know obviously there’s Facebook there’s LinkedIn etc.. Now first up is Facebook at 17 million active Australian users then you’ve got YouTube at 15.1 million users. Now Wordpress 5.1 million. It’s interesting that Wordpress is considered a social network. Most people think of it as just a website content management system. But there is a comments section or a plug in that you can put in the website and people can interact with other people there. So that’s why it’s considered a social network. Notice with that list Google Plus is not even there. I mean it sounds like it’s being dragged along and they just don’t want to give up. Then you’ve got Instagram at five million users and Snapchat four million now. LinkedIn is in there as well. There’s 4 million users. And the reason why I put Snapchat instead there is because Snapchat has only been around for five years where as LinkedIn has been around for 14 years. The other thing is Snapchat is growing a lot faster than LinkedIn. So just something to keep in mind if you’re a business that is trying to reach a younger audience, Snapchat should definitely be on your radar in terms of a social media network that you should be advertising on or even have a presence on at least. Now let’s just talk about Facebook and YouTube. The main things that they’ve got in common obviously is video and both of them are pushing live video. So if you’re a business that wants to start advertising or promoting using videos online definitely you have to be at least on Facebook and YouTube and you shouldn’t have any excuse of you know having the right gear because you can just use something as simple as your smartphone. Record something on it and upload it to those networks. There’s also an online tool called Animoto. Ill put the link in the description below. Basically what you can do is upload pictures, videos to that website and it creates a video for you. You can even select the music track to go with it as well. You can put text. And then once it’s finished you can download that video so that you can upload it to other social networks. If you found this video useful just hit the like button. And don’t forget to subscribe. If you’ve got any questions just put them in the comments below. And I hope you have a safe Easter. Visit Facebook

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