Increase TikTok Followers And Likes

advertising packagesOn TikTok, the primordial feelings prevail as in the other social networks: an eye for an eye, ‘ a tooth for a tooth ‘, is an example and this is exactly what will be used to increase fans and I like it.

By stating it, I like it and I follow other users that, better than them hashtags as follows and similar use, even better use, a good portion of it will inevitably repay or give a look.

To do everything manually like the founders of these social networks hope is by Guinness Book of Records; in fact, they make us offer a variety of advertising packages, but despite everything they want, smartphones are powerful computers and become the simple touch and swipe automatically easily. By downloading and configuring the Auto Clicker application, have a social life of your own, always without exaggeration, for the inhuman is not for sale and will be quickly banished, but perhaps we will ‘ reuse a piece of our lives, offered for sale by others. Perform the following steps, as in the video:

1) download and install the Auto Clicker application from Google Play;

2) launch the app and create the swipes by holding down the plus button and clicking by press the plus button, so organized that it simulates human behavior while by browsing posts by posting preferences and following other users, save and name the configuration;

3) select, start and test the configuration to like and follow automatically; 4) create and set up and apply to simulate movements to remove followers; 5) select, start and test the configuration to remove the followers.

I accept all responsibility for any damage to people, animals, and things that may happen to those who want to follow the procedure illustrated in the video, which has the purpose of pure entertainment. I’m waiting for your comment, preferences, and subscriptions on the channel. See you soon. Thanks for watching..

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