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[In Nepali] Building Your Own Social Networking Site. Pt 1 – Intro & Softaculous Walk-through

Hello everyone. Welcome to my new ‘how-to’ series on ‘Creating/Building your own Social Networking Site from Scratch’. Always remember, there are various ways of building our site as an Social Network Site. Video Language is Nepali. Way 1 : Using Wordpress Plugins. Way 2 : Using Softaculous App Installer. Way 3 : From Scratch, .i.e. Fully manual coding/Programming level. Way ……(lot more). – Initially, I’ll provide you demo on how we can use ‘Way 2’, i.e.Softaculous App Installer to create our own Social Networking Site. – Later on, I’ll show you how we can use ‘Way 1’, i.e. Wordpress Plugins to create/build our own Social Network Site. By : Bijay Acharya Twitter : @acharya_bijay Note : – I used Camtasia Screen Recorder for recording screen. – Music used in background was downloaded from youtube music library. Music name is TRANCER (free to use) – During tutoring, some snapshots is shown. Those snapshots were taken from my own cpanel space.

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