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How To Use Facebook Marketing For Your Business in 2018

Read more on our Website- Find us on: Facebook- Twitter- Instagram- In the century we live in, Social Media should be at the heart of any Business. If youre a Start-Up, use Social Media Channels like Facebook Marketing for better content distribution and concentrate on building your Brands Reputation. With effective Social Media Marketing Strategy, you will be easily able to build your Start-ups Image from the scratch. If youre an established Business who havent started building their Social Media presence yet, you will see a considerable boost in your traffic and sales ones you start engaging your Target Market online. If you already have content to showcase, itll be only a matter of time before you start getting attention. In this blog, I will walk you through how you should be utilizing some of the important Social Media Platforms to effectively build a social media marketing strategy for your Business. How To Use Facebook Marketing For Your Business About 75% of Male Internet Users and 83% of Female Internet Users use Facebook actively in 2017 (Credit: WordStream). Just imagine how many people would that sum up to be? More than 3 Billion! Just being able to attract a few percentage of them will be a such a huge leap for your Brand. Now, you already must have a Facebook Fan Page. If not, then consider making one. Make sure you set your Facebook Page with at least the Logo of your company and an attractive CTA Banner Image. What To Post on Facebook Page? Here is a list of things you can add to your Facebook Marketing Campaign to attract your audience: Ask an engaging question- Its great to ask questions to your audience. Make sure the question you ask is relevant to your industry. You can vary a little but not much. When you receive comments, this is a chance for you to engage them further. Go with the flow and keep your audience engaged with your Brand. Post High-Quality Image- Did you know that on Facebook, posts with an image gets 37% more engagement than posts with just texts? (Credit: Blue Cricket Media) That alone proves how effective images are for Marketing on Facebook. Post high-quality images on a regular basis which are relevant to your industry. If you can send at least 1 such post per day. This will keep your Brand in front of your audience and they will not forget you easily. Did You Know Posts- Post Did You Know content on your Facebook Page. Such posts catch the attention of the user. Tell them some facts relevant to your industry and they will be more likely to follow your future posts since youre providing them with some value. Quotes- You have to agree, quotes are inspiring sometimes. Arent they? You can dedicate a specific day of the week, where you post an inspirational quote on your Facebook Fan Page. For example- Monday Motivation or Friday Feelings. Tips- You can provide your audience with more value by giving them a tip which can help them in their daily lives. For example, if you belong to a B2B industry like we do, you can educate your customer which are related directly or indirectly to the services you provide. And, educate them about how they can improve their Business using the methods directed by you or your company. Call-To-Action (CTA) A Call-To-Action is a very important factor in bringing more Business. You should take your time to make your Call-T0-Action as compelling as possible. Especially on Facebook, CTAs work wonders. When creating a Call-To-Action for your Facebook Marketing campaigns, ask these 5 questions to yourself: Is my CTA Action Oriented? Is the content persuasive enough? Are the visuals strong and compelling? Is my CTA creating a sense of urgency? Is my CTA hidden in the post? Or, is it easy to find my CTA? Asking these 5 questions while creating your CTA will allow you to think about it from different perspectives. When you feel doubtful about any of these questions, it is likely that there is a room for improvement. Think hard upon it, make a variation and ask yourself the same question again. Like I said, CTAs hold a lot of power in bringing you more sales, and thats why you need to make it as compelling as possible.

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