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How to start a successful corporate social network

Free live webinars and expert interviews about hr, leadership, communication, learning & development…, Want to learn how to use video and webinar for learning in communication? Download free whitepaper ‘How to organize and present a webinar with I.M.P.A.C.T. in 6 simple steps’, ———————————– Excerpts from the expert interview with Katja Schipperheijn (social and lean learning expert) by Sandra De Milliano (strategic video & webinar expert for corprate learning & communication with ROI) “Communities have been around for ever in organizations, it is only because of technology and social media that we now see them in another way. We naturally form groups of people that share the same interests and like the same things. We build learning communities because people are eager to share their learnings.” First define the purpose of the community To start a learning community in your organization you shouldnt listen to sales people, you should first look at the people in your organization. People and stakeholders define the corporate culture so they have to be involved. You have to ask yourself why you want to build this community. Which people do you want to involve, what do you want to do with the community and how can you measure success. After that you can start thinking about technology and the implementation of it. Getting started with your community To first step is to find some stakeholders in the different levels of the organization that see what is in it for them. Then make a roadmap to success and ask people to start putting content on the enterprise social network. Instead of soiling the technology, get some people involved and let them start discussions and eventually put some gamification in so that as soon as the first people comment or write something, they immediately get some rewarding. Your manager wants you to do good, if you dont do your job well you will get punished, you will not get a badge or gamification. It can be also very good for the managers to see who works well and who does not. In the beginning you need a community manager It is a good idea to have a conversation- or listening manager to secure people that they can write things without any shame or fear to do so. Besides that, you need some people to invest time and power in the community to really get it moving. After it got started, it will keep growing on its own and it doesnt take much effort any more. You have to monitor and measure if there is any movement, if you dont see at least twenty percent of the people online daily, its not working. It helps if you make the community page the intranet landing page. Effective social networks replace phone calls and mails With a social network in a company, you can ban almost all internal phones and mails because most of the information is available on the network. It goes faster and it is fun. It is also very useful for newbies in the company who are not familiar yet with the company structure. We can say that the enterprise social networks build the culture in a company. Watch more live webinars, expert interviews and best practices on

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