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How to Plan Social Media Campaigns with an Interactive Marketing Strategy

Are you struggling with social media marketing campaigns? Plan your social media campaign with an interactive marketing strategy. Building community, extending organic reach, creating a holistic brand, scheduling, time management all of these issues should be at the top of your mind when it comes to your social media. From your brand to your audience and even within your industry, knowing your brand identity in the digital space is crucial to attracting and converting the right people. In todays In-Sites video, were giving you three key reminders to help you plan a social media campaign with an interactive marketing strategy. Interactive marketing is all based on taking in-depth notes on the habits of your users and effectively responding with appropriate, personalized messages tailored to those habits. Interactive marketing takes everything about a user and turns it into vital information. However, before you even decide to get to know your audience, knowing your brand identity is a HUGE first step. By establishing your brand identity first, your company wont fall into the trap of having inconsistent brand messaging that confuses your audience, and your staff. If your marketing team is creating wide net messaging due to poor knowledge around your brand identity, your sales team is going to have a rough time converting leads from this form of loose marketing. To be targeted and purposeful, you have to be knowledgeable. And knowing your brand is a great step in cementing your voice in the digital world. After acknowledging what your brand identity is, it is time to identify your audience in relation to that identity. Knowing your audience is key to unlocking the type of content you should be creating. For example, with certain trending topics, your audience may not see the value in it as you do even when you try to target your content in relation to them causing a rift between your audience and your company. Review your buyer personas and align your brand with the thoughts, needs, and habits of your audience. That way, when a trending topic arises and youre in need of creating a new social media campaign, you can assess early on if it will add significant value to your audience ahead of time. Finally, really get to know your industry, especially in regards to how it is perceived online. Start by monitoring industry talks, topics, and trends. Then keep your eye on individuals who are hosting thought-leading discussions about your industry allowing you to gather insight and methods of communication you may not be too savvy about. By taking the time to learn this knowledge, you are aligning yourself with others who are focused on nurturing their audience and their industry and not just focused on nurturing their own companys goals. When you align yourself with thought leaders, you understand true leadership making sure that you are building trust and adding value in everything that you do. There are many ways to connect with your audience. With these reminders, you can apply a process to create personalized campaigns in order to gather new leads from your various social media platforms. For more information on how to find new leads on social media, download our Social Prospecting workbook a visually instructive guide to help you put into practice where and how you can find social prospects. Direct Images Interactive is an inbound marketing agency specializing in high-impact video production and online graphic design. We make you look good. Direct Images Interactive 1933 Davis Street, Suite 308 San Leandro, CA 94577 (510) 613-8299

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