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In this video I’m talking about how you can MANAGE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR SMALL BUSINESS// If youre looking to manage social media more effectively for your small business this video will help you. How can you use social media more effectively? How can you save time and energy for social media? When you know your objectives with social media, youll be able to create a social media marketing strategy that is in alignment with your objective. In this video Ill be sharing with you 4 steps on how you can manage social media for small business so that you can raise brand awareness and drive sales. These are things like setting goals, creating a social media strategy and scheduling your content. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments below and I will be at my best to answer them. If youd like to create a social media calendar for your business you can watch it here If you’re thinking of starting a coaching business and you’d like a CHECKLIST to teach you what you need to do to start your coaching business you can access this here DOWNLOAD ULTIMATE START YOUR ONLINE BUSINESS CHECKLIST If you’re a new coach or you’re thinking of starting a coaching business, I can help through business coaching. Check it out below: WEBSITE: INSTAGRAM:… FACEBOOK: TOOLS: If you want to join our community for a supportive community you can so here. We’d love to have you! COMMUNITY:

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