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How to Make a Social Network from Scratch: Part 6 – Creating the Database (remake)

Manufacturers make the world go around. While business has advanced leaps and bounds from a hundred years ago where most manufacturers centered on smoke belching factories, the fact remains true that these producers are key to propelling the world of business forward. These producers make much of the infrastructure for the modern world. Furthermore, the consumer economies of many Western nations are fueled by the ingenuity and productivity of these producers.

However, most manufacturers are not located adjacent to their major markets. When these major producers first arose a century ago, when the Industrial Age was in full swing and the consumer culture that forms the bedrock of the modern business climate was in its infancy, they too were located away from their main markets. Most large factories and producers engaged in some form of international or long distance trade, especially in large nations like the United States or Russia.

Nevertheless, the process of trade and commerce was not as refined as it is today. International and long distance communication was similarly primitive. Producers’ interfacing with buyers was a far more protracted affair that was far more drawn out and slower than it is today. The connectivity of the modern world has given rise to a host of new social networking features for buyers and sellers.

Online social networking sites proliferate across the Internet. These sites enable users to get in contact with people thousands of miles away — instantaneously. While more conventional forms of technology enable communication such as this, email and other telecommunication technology to name a few, social networking sites are different. These sites exist further the world of business because involvement with them is consensual. Parties engage in social networking because they want to reap the benefits of staying in touch with potential business colleagues. In short, it saves time and helps them manage their businesses with more efficiency.

Social networking sites, however, are primarily for private use. The massive social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter exist to facilitate communication between private individuals. This is not entirely appropriate for professional use. Nevertheless, the massive popularity of these sites has led to the creation of social networking websites that are specifically designed to accommodate business professionals that are in need of connecting to possible partners.

The online social networking model has given birth to a whole host of websites that cater to business people that are looking to have the same thing. This enables buyers and sellers to interact and interface with one another. Digitally leveraging one’s network to source a product from China or find a new sales channel in Australia is a more efficient way to meet your business goals. This allows manufacturers to interface with buyers in a fresh new way that benefits both parties.

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