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How to create content for social media marketing on Instagram by Mark Mikelat

Are you seeking content creation made easy? If you need to know how to create content for social media marketing, this short video is for you. Learn a quick and easy content creation tip. To purchase the social media success kit click here Call (562) 883 2734 or visit Try Constant Contact Subscribe to our newsletter for more great tips: Here is a free 7-Day Social Media Marketing ecourse Try a trial of this powerful content marketing tool by Mark Mikelat, President of Building Aspirations ___________ Want to learn how to sell yourself using video marketing? Get the YouTube Do-It-Yourself Success Kit Inside youll discover.. How to grow your YouTube Channel to get more customers and clients How to make great videos on a small budget The secret to getting found on YouTube and engaging with fans Click Here for Instant Access Increase your sales – How to Sell More Want to Be Coached By Me? I focus on marketing strategy, increased revenue and productivity, and I am a big fan of best case processes, marketing and sales systems implementation and marketing automation. I provide you a success roadmap. You just need to follow the instructions. If you are ready to be coached by me for online marketing success, click here and fill out a short form to see if you qualify for a no-cost phone consultation. Do you need a great keynote speaker? If you need a powerful speaker to wow your business executive audience with practical success stories from strategy work in 6 countries, let’s talk about how I can bring a great program to your event. I have been speaking professionally since 2007 and my programs have always received stellar feedback from meeting planners and attendees. Connect With Me On Social: Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram My Products & Courses Here is the Aspirations Academy, a library of ecourses that you need. Some are as lows of $20. Video Transcription: Hi, this is Mark Mikelat from Building Aspirations with a quick little tip for your social media marketing success. Let me talk specifically about Instagram. It is a very fast, very visual channel. It is a social media channel. Now, presently in the United States, when we are recording this, right now, it is the fastest growing channel. It is mobile and it is designed to be instant. That is insta-gram. Instant picture is a gram. You can also post videos right now. So, it is might to be a right now oriented. Now, part of the challenge of Instagram is that is does not drive a lot of traffic. There is only one place you can go, in your profile presently to click on a link and direct people to a website. So, if you are looking to drive a lot of traffic, Instagram is less likely to do that. It will help you build your visual brand. Now, that is just a little bit about Instagram, but what does that mean? What should you be doing? Yes, you have some good questions. And, I address these questions and more in the Social Media Marketing Success Kit. This is 20+ hours of best case strategy on how you can implement social media marketing more successfully, more effectively, and more efficiently in your business. To learn about the social media marketing success kit, click on the link above this video or the link above me head to learn how you can gain advantage from this comprehensive social media marketing ecourse. This has been Mark Mikelat with just a quick little tip about Instagram for your social media marketing success. I thank you for listening.

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