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How to Create a Social Network Using PHP

Internet marketers know that the key to making sales is to have a big list of contacts, and contact them often.

As a marketer of any kind, you should be aware that your potential customers need to be continually aware of the product or service you are offering, as well as any special deals you may have. There’s one key ingredient to making a sale: asking for it.

If you don’t get out there and contact your market and ask for the sales, you aren’t going to see your profits grow.

There are a small percentage of people from your contact lists that will probably never make a purchase from you, but a much larger percentage are on the fence. They’re waiting for the right time to buy, the right offer to be made, or the right testimonial to read.

Instead of waiting for the day they do order your product, increase the odds of a sale by increasing the size of your list. While you’ll always want to be reaching the customer who’s on the verge of buying, you also want to reach a larger audience of could-be buyers.

A few list building ideas you may have tried include asking for newsletter signups, offering a free report or product sample, or hosting a contest that requires submission of contact information.

One of the newest ways marketers are adding to their contact lists is through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Some of these networking sites are limited as far as the way you can reach your contacts and how timely the information remains once it is posted. For instance, on Twitter, you can post a link to a signup form only to have it buried by other tweets within minutes.

Facebook, on the other hand, allows marketers and other business owners to create fan pages. These are mini-sites within the network, and they allow people interested in your product or service to “become a fan” and receive regular updates from you.

These are sent by you in the form of updates and can be sent at the time interval of your choosing, just like regular Facebook updates. The difference is that as a page owner, you can send updates not only to your fans’ thread of status updates, but also to their email. Essentially, once someone signs up as a fan of your page, you’ve added to your contacts.

List building with social networking is a new but highly effective tool for getting your message across to potential buyers. That message is that you have a product to offer and it benefits them.

The rules for sending out emails or communications to your Facebook fans are the same as ending them out to any other mailing list. That is–keep your messages short, effective, and not too frequent. Once you build your list up to the size you need to get the percentage of sales you desire, the last thing you want to do is scare away.

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