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How to creat Account | Wifi Marketing SmartWifi Free #1

Smartwifi | WiFi Marketing | Https:// Subscribe: Next video: How to Install your router tp-link to social marketing tools | Wifi Marketing SmartWifi Free #2 How to creat Account | Wifi Marketing SmartWifi Free # 1 In this video, Smartwifi guides you to create your own wifi marketing system with wifi routers Currently, Smartwifi offers nationwide wifi marketing services, wifi marketing software can suppor the community Marketer, Freelancer, SEO, Internet Marketing, Business marketing and especially support your online business. With Wifi marketing Smartwifi, customers can create accounts to connect wifi devices with hotspot feature (also known as wifi devices with hotspot function). This free solution helps you take advantage of your wifi routers (modems) for facebook advertising, youtube ads, and branded image ads. To do this, we need to follow these steps: # 1 Create a Smartwifi Account for Free. # 2 Install wifi marketing firmware on routers device (tplink 841nd, tp-link 740n, tplink archer C7, …) # 3 Modify landing page (landing page wifi). …. Once completed, you will have a Wi-Fi marketing system with many attractive marketing features: Welcome page, banner, product image. Collect customer information: email, phone … Social marketing: checkin, share, like … facebook, google, twitter … Sign in by watching a commercials trailer tvc on your Youtube channel (increase view youtube) Redirect to your destination (or face to face) page after successful login, which helps increase traffic. Statistics user information: id facebook, gender, interests Increase business efficiency Hotline: 0912.707.956 #smartwifi #wifimarketing #smartwifivn

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