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Internet marketing is not a new concept; in fact, it’s been around for quite some time. For as long as internet marketing has been around, there are always people looking for new ways to turn a successful marketing strategy into cold, hard cash. The premise is simple: Develop a product, find a way to market the product, persuade people into buying the product, and in the process, persuade a few people into selling the product as well. After that, you get a cut of each sale they make. It’s a tried and true method for building an MLM network that works nearly every time.

It’s one thing to build an MLM network, but it takes something different in order to grow and maintain the network. As a marketer, you want to find dependable people to place in your downline, because these are the people that will make the most money for you down the road. Dependable, motivated people who are eager and enthusiastic about the product will also be the most willing to help move the product by selling it to other customers and recruiting people into their downline. All this means is more residual income for you and the chance for your subordinates to build their own network.

A well-built, efficient MLM network has someone at the top level, but unless it’s actually you, you may never find out who. A network that works for you is a network has a mixture of veterans, and below them are those either you or someone in your network has decided to add them to their network. This is the strength of an MLM network. As long as you continue to maintain your network, there is no reason why your contacts can’t continue to make you money, period. However, the smart marketer will continue to recruit people from around the world, solidifying his network.

If your MLM network isn’t growing, or isn’t growing as fast as you’d like, you’re not alone. Building the grand-scale networks with the type of recruits and associates involved after only a few week’s time is unreasonable; however, there are several practical ways you can build your network and the become a bit more reasonable and realistic. It’s important to be realistic with your goals in MLM, because there will be times when your income grows slower; however, with aggressive marketing and recruiting, you’ll assure yourself of having a fresh supply of associates working for you at all times.

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