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How To Build Your Own Social Network

Before I got started in Internet Marketing, I worked many years for a non-profit organization in the development / fund raising world. I remember the passion that I felt about the organization, I remember the distinct passion that many other’s felt for the organization as well. When it comes to development / fund raising work, people GIVE for a few reasons.

1.) They are so passionate about the mission of the non-profit that they feel compelled to be a part of it financially. 2.) They want to BELONG or be a valued member of the organization.
3.) They love to see their name and gather recognition. Anyway you look at all three of these factors, there is one common bond. BELONGING. People love to belong, people need to belong, people are passionate about belonging.

I was reflecting this AM on the way to work about how amazing it WOULD have been when I was in development if I had Twitter or LinkedIn, or Facebook. Think about how quickly I could have built a TRIBE around the non-profit, I could have reached out to all of those folks on Twitter who had been touched in some way by the organization. I could have located EVERY alumni of the summer camp rapidly and then discovered more about them. I could have taken a poll to see what these folks value the most instantly, the bottom line, it would have revolutionized the way that fundraising and development work got done. Here are some suggestions for your non-profit:

* Use to find people who are interested in your organization’s cause and start following them.

* Use LinkedIn and it’s advanced search feature to start finding individuals who have been touched by your organization or know of someone who has.

* Use Facebook to start gathering fans of your organization and spread the word rapidly about upcoming events, fundraisers, etc.

* Inspire people on YouTube with a video on your cause.

* Start blogging about the many lives that your organization has touched.

* Use online press releases to inspire and start reaching out to a whole new audience / segment of the population.

* Learn about your followers / tribe members and utilize that research in development.

* Use Twitter to share quick stories (under 140 characters of course) about the lives you continue to touch.

Bottom line: non-profits tend to be the last to embrace technology and new ways of doing things. Transform your Church, your College or Institution, your health care organization, whatever your cause may be by reaching out and building a tribe. Help your prospects belong by a few keystrokes.

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