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How to Build a Powerful Social Media Brand: Inspirational Business Women Show Preview

Virginia Parsons will interview Stacey Blanchet on How to Build a Powerful Social Media Brand on the next Inspirational Business Women Show Have you struggled to reflect your personal brand online? What message do you convey to those who visit your social media sites? Are you growing a following that identifies with your brand and wants to do business with you? Stacey Blanchet, a marketing & public relations maven, will shed some light on profitable branding strategies and help you discover how to build a powerful social media brand. This weeks hot topics will reveal: 1. Your Entrepreneurial Type & how it relates to your Brand 2. Social Media Strategies for Building a Powerful Brand 3. Why your Net Worth is only as Good as your Network Stacey Blanchet, CEO of Your Own Girl Friday, has spent years in the trenches helping entrepreneurs profitably brand, grow and market their business ideas. She is a TV producer and Public Relations/Branding/Marketing Consultant. Stacey is also a successful fashion designer for Blanchet Designs, as well as author of The Journey to Myself: The Story of Fashion Designer Stacey Blanchet. You can learn more at

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