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How Joe Soto Built a $1.1 Million Dollar Social Media Marketing Agency While Raising 8 Kids

Start your own social media consultancy agency today – How do you build a business with little money or no experience? Its simpler than you may think. If theres one thing that Ive learned in my 20+ years of entrepreneurship, its that most businesses are bad at this one key thing. And that key thing is marketing. You see, most businesses spend way too much time bettering their product. And they dont spend enough time making sure that their product is actually known. Now Im not saying that building the best product is a bad thing to do. But it leaves a vulnerability in many businesses, if equipped with the proper know-how, could potentially earn you a lot of money. Check out how Joe Soto built a 7-figure businesses using this one simple strategy. ————————————————————– Learn what my mentor’s taught me that allowed me to make money while traveling and having fun – ———————————– For a behind the scenes look of a day in the life of an entrepreneur follow me on snapchat – @TaiLopez

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