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How does Shell use social media? | International social media

If youre interested in finding out more on international social media, check out a selection of our guides and videos on the subject here: Americo Silva, Shells Global Head of Digital And Social Media, explains how the brand engages with its consumers around the world. Skip to: (00:20) Shell has a successful global presence. How important is social media in the overall digital marketing strategy for the business? (01:49) What are the main goals of Shells social media strategy? What do you want to achieve with that platform? (03:14) You mentioned engagement, which is a key part of social media. What makes a brand stand out from the crowd when there is so much social media content? (04:48) What kind of content resonates well with your audience? Is there any type of content that works particularly well? (06:22) Which social media platforms are most interesting and relevant for Shell? (09:03) When you are running an international social media campaign, one of the biggest challenges is understanding which social media platforms are used in each of your target markets. There are other challenges too, such as language and culture. How do you approach the internationalisation of social media? Is it something that is possible to scale or is it something that you have to do in a bespoke, targeted way for each market? (11:11) Social media is constantly changing and evolving all the time. Also, the expectations of social media users are high; they expect a lot from brands. What can brands do to stay ahead of the game in social media and ensure that they dont lose traction or become uninteresting to their audience?

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