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How Do I Build My Network Marketing Business Through My Brand

I finally got the answers to some of my BIGGEST QUESTIONS about recruiting by watching this amazing FREE recorded video with a 20-year veteran in the home business industry. CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH IT!! In today’s video blog post I want to share with you three [sales prospecting techniques] to help you sponsor more reps and customers in your business. If you’ve been struggling with prospecting new members into your network marketing business, I get it. I used to struggle too. But, I want to share with you some ideas on what you can start implementing into your business right now that will help you to signing up new customers and reps. Learn To Recruit Leaders In Your MLM! 1 You need to actively work your warm market list. Your warm market list can consist of family, friends. And if you don’t like those kind of sales prospecting techniques, you know…harassing your friends and family and things like tapping into your 100 list of warm market people….I get it. I don’t like it either. Which is why I don’t do it. I have not done that in years yet I was able to build a business online without doing any of that. However, if that’s your thing, and you want to do it, great, why not? Me personally, I would rather not do that. I prefer to do it on social media. I prefer to create content and draw people to me. When I draw people to me and they’re coming in through my capture pages, they’re watching my videos, they’re sending me messages on Facebook. That is what you call a warm market list through social media. To me it’s way easier to connect with people who are coming to you for the information versus you going to chase your family and friends. Now, again, I want to make this very clear, if that is your thing, great. For me I don’t want to do that. I know for most people they don’t want to do that either. Thank God for social media, because on social media you can actually tap into your warm market. Your warm market are your followers on your Fanpage. Your warm market are people on your mailing list if you’ve been building one. If you haven’t been building one, shame on you. But you already have a warm market list right on social media, so start there. 2 Start shooting videos and putting them up on YouTube. Put them up on Facebook. Put them up on your Fanpage. Now with Instagram you can actually upload up to one minute in video footage. Video is a great way to create content for your business. You can do product reviews, your business opportunity reviews, of course without actually pitching your business. When you do that you will start generating more leads and more sales. More customers will start coming in and more people will want to join you in your business. 3 Put together a free offer. Give something away for free. For example, let’s say you were in the health and wellness industry and you were selling a shake. So instead of pitching your shake all the time, how about you add some valuable content by creating a capture page, creating a bridge page. We’ll talk about those in future videos coming. Create some kind of capture page with a free offer for someone to download a video of maybe you sharing your top ten ways to lose belly fat, then introduce your shake. If you are, let’s say, in the travel niche and you want to sell your travel program, why not just put together a free offer, a free PDF download with at list of your top 100 family destinations. Through there you can sell them on your travel membership. Do you see where I’m going with this? These are great sales prospecting techniques you can start using in your business right now. So many people make it so complicated. It really doesn’t have to be. So there you have it. Those are my 3 sales prospecting techniques to sponsor more reps, more customers inside of your business. Grab my free 15 Page PDF and Video Giveaway!!! This might be the best training on sponsoring people into your business Ive ever seen. And its FREE!

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