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You will agree that in spite of some strange features, Facebook is still an addiction. Having crossed the benchmark of 500 million users from across the world, there is still no stopping. The number of users creeps in everyday and why it shouldnt, Facebook provides some extraordinary features to keep its users glued to this particular social networking site.

One such feature of great acclaim these days is that of friendship pages. This feature rolls out to every Facebook user. It allows you to view conversations between your friends or find out how flirting between any two of your friends led to their marriage or how their fights led to breakup. All in all its the best way to know your friends the way you have never known them before.

Its not like your conversation leaks out in public, for viewing someones history, you must be friends. So for those scared of privacy issues, friendship pages dont have this problem. For instance you met someone at a party via some mutual friend. And now you wish to know more about them. All you have to do is look through their history or wall posts to get an idea about them.

It sounds creepy! But if it wasnt everyones desire then why would Facebook stalking catch so much fame. Before Farmville became the major thing, going through your friends profile page, like buttons or status updates were the biggest pastimes. Friendship pages have given a new meaning to social interaction.

As for those who are not comfortable sharing their personal stuff with everyone including some friends then they can make use of standard disclaimer rules. Reset your privacy settings if you dont want to become a part of the show.

So this in-depth glance at relationships can not proceed without mutual consent. Whats more interesting is the fact that now you are spared from a lot of Facebook browsing. Previously, you have been sifting through profiles to determine relationship or any other status between any two of your friends. However, now you wont need to go through all that trouble.

With friendship pages, significant ease has been brought to browsing. All RSVPs, comments, events can be viewed from your wall. There hasnt been a better way to remain updated with your friends activities.

Its kind of nice to find out some two people getting into a relationship after a long lasting friendship. Certainly, it would be a magical experience if you get a glimpse of all posts and photos between those two people. With friendship pages, all this is no longer a fantasy.

For some users, friendship pages are the means to commemorate some cherish able moments between friends, while there are some who take delight in pouring through insults or some long history comprising of snarks.

Though it appears creepy to watch over public interactions between two people, its cool to be able to do so. Just like other feature, friendship pages on Facebook have been a huge hit. High user retention rates on this social network are tied to a human desire to stay in touch.

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