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Guru-App: An introduction to a social network for high school kids!

Children imitate things far better than elders and in todays’ world when computer and the Internet have become ubiquitous you can’t hold them from accessing technologies. A survey has revealed that 95% of all teens ages 12-17 are now online and 80% of those online teens are users of social media sites. Online games, videos, music interest them a lot. They are using social network, instant messenger and e-mail and are devoting time in texting and sharing various web-contents, just like other family members. They are making use of gaming consoles, handheld and portable gaming devices, smartphones and tablets to connect and share things. This trend has garnered the attention of bad-guys, who try to divulge personal information from them taking the advantage of the anonymity feature of the Internet. It reaches a dangerous level when kids are exploited sexually through obscene content. A new term Cyber-bullying has been coined by experts to express the hostile, deliberate and repeated attack on children’s intellect.


avast security, has morphed its products with contemporary antivirus, anti-spyware, antispam, and firewall protection, complemented with new avast! SafeZone technology. The latest of the avast Internet Security is rumored to be integrated with Worry-free social networking and web surfing features to check unknown threats on Facebook, Twitter, or other websites. P2P Shield/IM Shield will instant check files downloaded using IM or “chat” programs. The silent firewall boasts to be capable of checking unsolicited communication trying to sneak your machine. It can record both dropped packets and successful connections. This can be used, for instance, to track every time a computer on the network connects to a website.


Any confront related to the installation, activation, update, upgrade and uninstallation of the software can be duly addressed by avast Support. Experts can take the remotely access of your system to troubleshoot avast security related issues. They will also analyze the other security settings including Windows Update and Windows Firewall. Nothing to malice upon, if you don’t want to spend bucks, go with the knowledgebase and video tutorials available on the sites to fix the problem. You can configure the console settings of the software enabling the parental control and other safety features.


There are some other easy to follow etiquettes which will reduce dependability on the avast help-desk. You should actively monitor the online activities of your kids. Reviewing browser history, text messages on the Facebook or other networks by getting friended with them and monitoring sent and received text messages on cell phone or smartphone can let you know the associated Internet vulnerability aspects, if any. If you’re using free avast antivirus software, be sure to check for virus definition updates regularly. You may also try hand with Windows Security Essentials or Windows Defender, because the nature of threats changes often, so be sure to protect your kids and important system files with frequent updates. Never miss to create back up of your documents, irreplaceable photos, bookmarks, contacts, calendar entries and important emails. Educate kids no to leap towards enticing e-mail titles, or authentic-looking websites they can be a trap and may steal personal identity for financial gain.

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