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GIVE – Philanthropic Social Network and Community building Tool ( Aggies Invent Donation)

Philanthropic Social Network and Community building Tool GIVE Based on data analysis of philanthropic data from the urban and rural portions of the US as well as the UK and the findings of various philanthropic psychologists we decided that a solution that integrates the givers into a community would be most effective in creating long term social dividends as well as serial givers. While tools existed in the abstract that did school community, and philanthropy the combination of those with big data algorithmic analysis allows us to design a social network that reinforces the culture of giving by providing suggestions for more philanthropic options they may be interested in as well as giving schools access to data to run analysis on. This allows them to do things from honoring the generosity of people in the community to using algorithmic learning to find out what the priorities of the people in the community actually are. The implementation for the network is a district opt in model that had the administration manage funds and approve submissions. District level sub integration also allows for the transfer of profile data into background checking procedures for the specific jurisdiction. Individuals, Educators, Students and community entities each have granulated levels of access with the most restricted access being for students, allowing them to only respond to opportunities posted by local entities like businesses or NGOs. Educators have the ability to post proposals and requests for volunteers; individuals can follow institutions or instructors and receive a feed of requests; and local entities can post approved opportunities for students such as internships, company tours or guest lectures as well as funding themselves. Contributors – Lauren (Brielle) King Nishaank S. Rawat Atharva Kulkarni Misael Jimenez Jordan Rodriguez

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