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GIRLSASKGUYS STUDY: Millennials Overwhelming Prefer Brunettes over Redheads, Blondes

Hair Color Survey

Marilyn Monroes platinum blonde look may no longer be the ultimate in sexual appeal according to a new study about what the opposite sex believes about hair color and attractiveness.

In a poll of nearly 600 Americans on GirlsAskGuys ( a cross-gender question-and-answer social community with more than 10 million monthly participants consumers were asked about preferences in hair color in the opposite sex. Both men and women under 30 overwhelmingly said they preferred brunettes to both blondes and redheads.

What were seeing is that despite a lot of media portrayals to the contrary, people tend to prefer brunettes, said Tolga Tanriseven, founder and CEO of GirlsAskGuys. Its a wake-up call for advertisers, as well as media producers that actively court the millennial demographic. Sprinkle in some blondes and redheads in your productions, but feature the brunettes.

More than 65 percent of women said they prefer brunette men versus blondes (20 percent) and redheads (15 percent); while 49 percent of men said they prefer brunettes versus redheads (30 percent) and blondes (21 percent). In particular, males under age 18 are the most attracted to brunettes, with 55 percent choosing them over redheads and blondes.

Taken on the poll was taken by 282 women and 306 men during the month of August.

Both men and women were then split over their preference for either redheads or blondes, which was most apparent for men ages 25-29, who prefer redheads (35 percent) over blondes (15 percent). Conversely, 20 percent of women prefer blonde men, compared to just 15 percent of redheads. The discrepancy is largest for women 25-29, who prefer blondes (21 percent) over redheads by (12 percent).

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