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Gild Spotlight Predicts When Candidates Are Ready to Change Jobs


Gild, which powers the way companies find, engage and evaluate tech talent with data and intelligence, has now made recruiter outreach more effective with the release of Spotlight. An add-on feature of Gilds flagship product, Gild Source, Spotlight uses predictive analytics to determine whether a developer is actively looking for a job. The new product gives recruiters insight into which developers will be most receptive to being contacted about new job opportunities.

Spotlight uses an algorithm that incorporates over 20 million job change events and hundreds of signals that reflect new job readiness behavioral patterns, including location, years of work experience, job hopping behavior, and social network to create the Gild Availability score, a five-point score that ranges from Very Unlikely to Active. This data is refreshed every two weeks to keep the predictions fresh.

The announcement comes as the Gild team prepares for two panels at HR Tech, the worlds biggest conference on HR technology.

HR Tech is an event committed to bringing innovation to human resources, and it makes sense that we should announce this new Gild Source feature, here. Spotlight solves one of the biggest mysteries in recruiting which developers are ready and interested in learning about new job opportunities, said Sheeroy Desai, Co-founder and CEO of Gild. With tech talent being in such high demand, recruiters need every competitive advantage they can get and Spotlight gives them that advantage.

In hiring, a candidates availability can be just as important as his or her skill. For Gild Spotlight customers, the Availability score will appear right next to Gilds Expertise and Demand scores, which rank a developers technical level and their market value, respectively. The new Spotlight feature is completely integrated into Gild Source and Gilds browser extension.

Using social data and job readiness pattern prediction, we were able to create a model that understands when candidates are ready to change jobs, said Jonathan Foley, the Director of Data Science at Gild.

Were excited to incorporate Spotlight into our recruiting process. Spotlight brings an additional layer of information to the already data-rich Gild Source profiles,” said Halbert Nakagawa, Co-founder and CTO of Machine Zone. “At Machine Zone, our hiring requirements are unique not only due to our high technical demands, but we look for software engineers who are passionate and dedicated to building world-class mobile games and products for the next decade. Gild is able to help us reach engineers across all kinds of tech verticals to fast track our very demanding hiring needs.”

Spotlight helps recruiters avoid approaching prospects who arent interested in changing jobs, making the time they spend on outreach more effective and time efficient. Similarly, Spotlight provides recruiters with a heads-up as to when a developer may be close to making a move — including specific coaching on timing and overall approach.

At Gild, weve always been committed to reinventing the traditional hiring model. Where once recruiters had to contact developers blindly, with Spotlight they can reach out to the developers who actually want to hear from them, said Desai. And unlike other tools that charge a premium to contact a candidate via email, Gild Source provides contact information as part of the complete solution.

At HR Tech, Gilds executives will be speaking at two sessions on how innovation in big data has changed HR:

Computational HR: When the Organization Knows Employees Better Than It Knows Customers on Wednesday, October 8 at 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. How Red Hat Approaches Hiring Beyond Traditional Social Networks on Thursday, October 9 at 4 p.m. to 5 p.m. Gild is also an exhibitor at HR Tech and will be at booth #1757 throughout the conference.

For more information on Gild, visit:

About Gild Gild is changing the way everyone from startups to Fortune 1000 organizations finds and evaluates technical talent. Gild scours the web for developers, using predictive technology to automatically evaluate their abilities. That means you not only find candidates you know who can get the job done. Backed by proprietary data analysis that examines developers actual work, Gilds tech hiring software is used by growing companies to find the developers they need to innovate. Founded in 2011, Gild is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in Salt Lake City and Milan.


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