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GameTree – New Social Network For Gamers

No more playing games alone! Get personalized friend matches based on your tastes and personality to find people who like the same games you do! Just fill your profile and let the magic (actually a sophisticated algorithm) happen. DOWNLOAD OUR APP FOR FREE!! IOS: Android: GameTree is a public benefit corporation creating the ultimate gamer hub. We are comprised of gamers, and our mission is to help fellow gamers connect with new best friends and new favorite games to play with them. We want to bring back the tremendous personal growth and relationship building that games and play used to bring us when we were young. Because the world has grown large and crowded, we can best accomplish this, not by making a new game, but, by helping connect you with the best people and games for you personally. Find out more! Our web page: GameTree Blog: GameTree Personality Wiki: LET’S CONNECT! GameTree FB page: GameTree VK page: GameTree Twitter: GameTree Instagram:

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