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Parents.comBabiesLife as a New ParentMotherhood10 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby 10 Fun Things to Do with Your Baby New motherhood is incredibly joyful, but face it: It can sometimes be downright boring for both of you. So check out these activities and let the good times begin. By Nancy Rones from Parents Magazine funny animal videos, funny animals, funny animal vines, funny animal fails, funny animal videos 2016, funny animal voice overs, funny animal sounds, funny animals talking, funny animal videos that will make you laugh so ha, funny animal quotes, funny animal faces, funny animal wall art Facebook Pinterest Twitter Google Plus Email Playing With Baby: Let the Music Play Fun Activities for Babies: 0-6 Months Super Activities for Babies: 6-12 Months All-Day Fun Pack a picnic. Head to your local park with a blanket and lunch. Let your baby feel the grass tickle his feet, and have him lie on your lap and watch the leaves rustle in the wind. Even if he’s too young to roll a ball, he’ll love watching other people play. Frisbee games, bikes, dogs, birds, and squirrels are all five-star entertainment. Consider a class. Because of unpredictable naps and moods, babies who are younger than 6 months don’t always get a huge amount out of classes. Moms probably benefit more from them — and that’s okay as long as you choose an activity you actually enjoy! Some examples: Mommy and Me yoga (check your local yoga studio), a music class like Music Together or Kindermusik, a group exercise class such as Stroller Strides or Strollercize, or infant massage (hospitals often offer classes). Paint a pot. When her son was 5 months old, Lori Bloomberg, of Manhattan, arranged to meet some of her new-mommy friends and their babies at a pottery-painting studio. “Each of us put our baby’s footprint on something, like a bowl or a spoon rest. I made a frame with my son Avery’s footprint, put a photo in it, and saved it for his dad’s Father’s Day gift,” Bloomberg says. If you don’t have a pottery studio near you, buy a handprint or footprint kit at a crafts store with a couple of other mothers and head to one mom’s backyard. Tune in, rock out. When was the last time you gave your dusty CDs a second look? Plant yourselves in front of your collection, and listen to favorites from your college years or your best-loved soundtracks. Stacey Rosenberg, of Weston, Connecticut, preferred to keep the TV turned off when her twin boys were babies, but she spent lots of time listening to music with them. “I exposed them to the artists my husband and I like most, such as Bob Marley and Dave Matthews,” Rosenberg says. “Not only did these songs soothe them, but they soothed me as well!” babies, baby fun, funny baby, funny baby, naughty baby, baby laugh, baby laughter, funny child, fun baby, fun baby, kids humor, girls humor, laughter babies, nene, kid laugh laughter, baby tender, tender child, tender baby, crying baby, singing, child singing girl baby sing, baby dance, child dance, girl dance, baby crazy, crazy boy, girl crazy, baby, baby angry, baby fart, baby dance baby dog

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