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FSS Strategy | Best Social Media Marketing Strategy @MikeMarko1

FSS Strategy | Best Social Media Marketing Strategy – Mike Marko – Description 0:00 On this video, I wanna talk to you about the FSS method. Now, this method here is really how you work to look at progression of your potential clients or customers and actually how they are actually moved through the process of being more and more aware of you. So it starts off here. The first F here is what I call the term is a freeway. If you can imagine this analogy, This is where people have no awareness of either you or they probably feel some pain but don’t realize there’s a solution. And so they’re literally going on there merry, merry way, oblivious to you or the possible solution that’s there for them. It can actually help solve the problem that they have, that you actually have the solution for them. So that’s the freeway. 1:00 Then you have the sidewalk. The sidewalk is really, you brought them from the freeway to the sidewalk. They’ve had that awareness, they are now okay, slowed down. They’re paying attention. They’re consuming material. They’re taking their time at this point. They’re pre-leisure here at this point, saying do I want to learn more about what you have to offer? And they’re consuming information. And then we have the store. Okay, literally is when they’re in the store, they’re in a buyer’s mode. They might be busy trying to learn more information about you, visiting your website, visiting your social media channels, consuming as much information as they can. 2:00 Now, people on these different stages, they’re going to be in for various amounts of time. You wanna get them from the freeway, from a place where they’re completely oblivious to you or the possible solutions available to help solve their problem, to the sidewalk as soon as possible. Get them to slow down so they can start becoming more aware of you. At this point here, you don’t wanna inundate them with a lot of ads and that kind of thing because you’re going to be more annoying than anything. At this point here, you just wanna get that first initial exposure then get them to slow down and stop. 2:30 Once they’ve had that sense of awareness, and they know more about you, they consume some content maybe. They’re aware that maybe there is a solution. This could be done with maybe like a short video, a 60-second video, or a blog post. That brings them to hey, there is an awareness that you have a problem, and there is a solution for it. And that literally takes him to the sidewalk.Because hey, if there’s a solution to my problem, I wanna learn more. 3:00 That’s when they come to the sidewalk where they are really starting to learn more information about the possible solution, more about the solution, and how to get that solution into place. Some of the do-it-yourselfers, at this point, are going to stick on the sidewalk for a while and so they’re going to try to learn more information and try to implement it on their own. And that’s okay. 3:30 And some other people are gonna wanna go to the store right away because they’re tired of their problem, they don’t have time to try to figure things out on their own and they’ll come to you directly. But that’s okay if they’re gonna be on the do-it-yourselfers because eventually, the idea is, you want people who are interested in and helping you by being here for a while, what’s going to happen is they’re going to become more and more aware of the solution, they’ll be more and more aware of you because you’re providing all this information, and you’re actually showing you’re an authority, that you’re actually able to help solve their problem if they’re ready to have you help them. For more, please watch the video Contact me if you have questions: Twitter: Skype: r.mike.marko Facebook: Phone: (513) 580-4598 Video: Mike Marko – FSS Strategy | Best Social Media Marketing Strategy

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