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Free PhotoVision Video: Social Media

Subscribe to PhotoVision today! John Pyle talks about social media with PhotoVision producer, Ed Pierce. John discusses the importance of gearing specific social sites towards varying target client demographics. John informs how vital it is to keep your own personal social media page clean and have it reflect your business’s brand, as people check both. In order to garner positive reviews and spread the word, John shares a deal he makes with his clients after the shoot that benefits them both without costing a dime. John shares tips on why it can be beneficial to scale back your social media exposure as your business gets more established and why it can make your brand seem more premium. About PhotoVision: PhotoVision is a ginormous photography learning library that offers photographers education and solutions through cinematic HD videos from some of the biggest names in the industry. PPA photographers get PhotoVision monthly streamingabsolutely free! About PPA: Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is the world’s largest non-profit photography association organized for professional photographers, by professional photographersand with more than 29,000 creative members in more than 50 countries. Our mission is to create a vibrant community of successful professional photographers by providing education, resources and industry standards of excellence.

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