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Fr Hollowell a must-New Evangelisation–using the pulpit, social media networking

May 4, 2013 Father John Hollowell is a young dynamic Catholic priest who we were lucky enough to have as one of our guest speakers at our 2013 Eucharistic Convention. Here Father Hollowell talks about New Zealand Establish links to the feed and uploads on church, pro-life, chastity abstinence, diocesan, NFP, Christian, Catholic and Homeschool web sites for the purpose of educating the masses, to give encouragement for ministers, priests and bishops to preach and teach on these social cultural topics. Get involved. Do something because the culture of death is working hard to destroy family and our kids. Promote ministers, priests, bishops, teachers, catechetical programs to learn and take on this cause. Spread the word, re-tweet, share through facebook, emails, letters, and via phone etc. We need strong Priests and Bishops and ministers to strongly unapologetic ally address the social cultural issues from the pulpit, to teach God’s truth from the pulpits. This priest does a remarkable job of doing just that!!!!!!!!!!!!! Christian-connect the dots on Social Cultural Issues of our Day view all “12” you tube videos… make it go viral,spread the word–email, facebook, twitter. my thanks to Candida Eittreim “It is moral cowardice and sheer brutal determination to have a license to kill ie. abortion, so we can enjoy sex without limits. God help us all.” Connect the Dots–Jesus LORD over all, our lives, homes, families or LIAR or LUNATIC really no other options;— Washington Farwell,-Religion and Morality necessary for good Government;—- Benjamin Franklins perfect Bibical Call of Prayer necessary for Religion and Morality Good Government;—– Pro-Life vote for, we have become a barbaric country;—– Chastity in the words of World Reknown Speaker Pam Stenzel, lack of Chastity Abortion, Family breakdown rooted in Breakdown of Chastity!!…..… &… Moira Brown speaks with Pam Stenzel about tough issues of sex with candor, insight, humor, and the challenge for young people to get the abstinence advantage. Pam Stenzel Founder and Director of Straight Talk Founder of ENLIGHTEN COMMUNICATIONS Inc. Most of our Gov’t Schools are teaching what is termed “Comprehensive Sex Education” or “Abstinence Plus Sex Education” or “Abstinence Based Sex Education”. They most all teach a little bit of abstinence such as “Abstinence only 100% effective to remain pregnancy free” They give a basic abstinence message that really boils down to lip service and then teach them all about contraceptives, where to obtain all of these reproductive services and that they do not need to worry about their parents because they are all protected by confidentiality laws. Most government schools refuse to teach an abstinence centered program which all discussion is centered on abstinence giving them the social, psychological, emotional and physical benefits of abstinence until marriage. Is it any wonder 41% of the babies born are born out of wedlock????? Is it any wonder that 50% marriages end in divorce, pornography runs is out of control. Stenzel asks why abstinence isn’t taught – Pam Stenzel check her out on you tube, order her excellent DVDs and abstinence centered education at PamStenzel dot com Freedom of choice has no boundaries once God is taken out of the equation and personal self-interest, often called autonomy, moves in to take center stage. Without national morality, with out Christianity this nation is going to fall apart. Abandoning God will always lead to national calamity followed by destruction George Washington Farewell Address states that religion and morality are indispensable supports for good government. A Person cannot be a true patriot if he works to subvert Religion and Morality as they do in media, in our schools, and by our laws over the last 50 years….. Category Education License Standard YouTube License

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