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Fortified Edible Oil Project in Bangladesh – Social Marketing Campaign

The ‘Fortification of Edible Oil in Bangladesh (Phase II: 2013-2017)’ project focuses on improving access of vitamin A fortified edible oil, quality assurance and control of fortification and policy advocacy for fortification in Bangladesh. The Ministry of Industries (MoI) of the Government of Bangladesh (GoB), with the technical assistance of Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN), encourages, maintains and inspects fortification capacity of participating refineries in the country. One of the key outputs of this project is to create an enabling environment where producers are ready to oblige to the mandatory legislation (National Edible Oil Fortification Law 2013) and where consumers are aware of the benefits. Until June 2017, 40 refineries have signed Memorandum of Understanding(s) (MoU) with the Ministry of Industries (MoI). Find out more about GAIN Food Fortification Programmes here: ‘ ( : -)’ , () () () , , , () ( ) () , :

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