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FL boy creates social media network for kids

You may have already dipped your toes into the social networking pool with LinkedIn and Twitter, but have you considered Facebook? No? Maybe it’s time to add a Facebook Page to your marketing tool kit.

Facebook’s core service is completely free and supported by advertising revenue. To set up an account, you need to sign up with a unique user name and password. This creates a public Facebook Profile that you populate with whatever personal information you wish to share. If you’re concerned about privacy, lock your content, making it available only to those people you confirm as friends.

Once you have a Facebook account, you are able to set up a page for your business. Whereas Facebook Profiles function primarily as a conduit through which users share personal information, Facebook Pages, which launched in November 2007, offer a way for businesses, sports teams, films, brands, and public figures to establish a Facebook presence. Users opt-in to Facebook Pages by adding themselves as your fans. Fans can send messages, respond to posted content, and participate in discussions. In turn, businesses can use their Facebook Page to send updates to fans and engage them with videos, notes, links, and other content that communicates their business message.

Although Pages look and behave much like a user’s personal Facebook Profile, certain differences exist:

Anyone, even people who don’t have a Facebook account, can view a Facebook Page. In contrast, users must have and be logged into a Facebook account to view a Facebook Profile. Because Facebook Pages are viewable by the public, Internet search engines are able to index your Page and share it with their users.
Users don’t need confirmation to become your fan. Anyone can become a fan of a Facebook Page.
Facebook Pages can have an unlimited number of fans; the number of friends is limited for Facebook Profiles.
With Facebook Pages you can send targeted updates to all your fans at once; this feature is not available with Facebook Profiles.


To set up a Facebook Page, you first need a Facebook Profile. Once you establish a personal profile, go to Type the name of the Page exactly as you want it to appear. The page name should be one that users will use to search for it because you will not be able to change the name later. Next, choose the category that is most appropriate for your business. Now you can create content and publish your Page.

Facebook Pages come with multiple applications. Browse the application directory to view the options. One application that may be of interest to medical communicators is the Notes application, Facebook’s blogging feature. If you’ve considered blogging, but don’t want to set up your own site, try the Notes application. To write a note, go to the Edit Page for your Facebook Page, click on “Notes,” and click on “Write a New Note.”

Of course, with any social media tool there is the question of whether it’s worthwhile. The answer depends on what you expect from using social media. From a business perspective, Facebook can drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, and enable you to connect to and engage customers and people who are interested in your service.

Keep in mind that it’s important to keep your online personal and professional lives separate. In the Facebook world, this means reserving your Profile for your personal connections and using your Page to connect with customers and business associates. You probably don’t want your clients to become your Facebook friends where they can view everything your friends write, mundane or otherwise.


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