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Facebook, YouTube & Twitter Banned In Pakistan ! All Social Media Sites Blocked

Done in order to deter any possible live coverage of Faizabad sit-in that has paralyzed the countrys capital for the past 19 days, these social websites are under absolute blockade as per the orders of PEMRA. Earlier, broadcasts of certain news channels closed down in different areas, following the instruction of PEMRA for all media channels to go off-air on Islamabad crackdown. After putting off-air the News channels, the government of Pakistan has apparently ordered ISPs to block Facebook, Twitter and Facebook in Pakistan. Reports from ProPakistani readers are confirming that Facebook and other social media websites are not accessible on desktop and mobile browsers. However, these websites can be accessed through mobile apps for now. While we dont have confirmations, a number of users in Pakistan are reporting that Facebook and some other social media websites are not accessible for them. Not to mention, government of Pakistan took severe decisions after its operation against protesters in Faizabad backfired and protests erupted across the country. urrently the Facebook and other social media websites are not accessible on major ISPs in Pakistan but we are still in process of arranging an official confirmation on the ban of Facebook in Pakistan. Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are ordered to be blocked in Pakistan. Access to news channels, social media suspended in Pakistan ISLAMABAD: After Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) ordered to take all news channels off air, social media access via internet browsers to Facebook, Youtube and Twitter were also blocked on Saturday. The access to services was temporarily restored after 3pm but was blocked again shortly after. PEMRA directed news channels to ensure the security of their staff while the situation persisted; in light of which, Geo News as per its tradition of responsible reporting was and continues to abide by the rules. Earlier, PEMRA had barred media from live coverage of Islamabad operation under Media Code of Conduct 2015. While Facebook, Twitter and Youtube were blocked across Pakistan on internet browsers, had received reports from certain users who are still able to access the services. Access to the social media platforms was restored after 3pm. You will find some Unboxings videos and some roundups seems to specialize in phones and computer gear and headphones. #JF Please subscribe to our Youtube channel for new updates :) #JFGadgets Want to use this song for your videos? Just include this : Song: Adventures [Top Shelf Sounds Release Artists: Clearly! & Darren Music provided by Top Shelf Sounds :

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