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Enterprise Social: Work like a network

Businesses want to provide improved customer engagement and experiences through social networks. There is a thing, which has affected business equations, and that is employee engagement. At one point or the other the development strategy, employee and stakeholder engagement is crucial to make sure there is relevance and success. While social media are not directly linked to the marketing department, its impact is felt on the entire corporation. Thus, the platform requires a centralized approach to manage communications and share business ideas. Enterprise social networks are popular since they can offer a quick solution to adjust stakeholders activity streams with the understanding of social networking channels such as Twitter or Facebook.


Role of networking platforms: These networking channels are useful for power users. In addition, they are also friendly. It is not difficult for people new to the platforms to start participating. Social participation promises are significant, as it predicts effective interaction between business and customers. In addition to its promises, it also involves a number of challenges. Basically, these challenges concentrate on overall measurement and adoption. Businesses often ignore the true potential of social networks. Similarly, they also underestimate the role it plays to bring people together. Networking needs of every business is not same. Each enterprise has distinct needs, which makes it necessary to re-frame the social network.


What is a common mistake made by most decision makers ?


Most often businesses start using a new technology or tool, without planning any goals. They also fail to design processes, as well as reward systems, in order to attract additional engagement from active users in online communities. Most decision makers restrict the potential of social networking; thus they miss the chance to engage people. This engagement is thwarted both internally and externally. Therefore, businesses fail to connect and collaborate with clients.


A new culture in employee and customer engagement:


Enterprise social networking has introduced a new principle and vision, that of empowerment. It supports a predicted outcome, as well as rewards. Though there are several tools to encourage engagement from customers, ultimately, it is the vision and leadership of social media experts, that a builds a strong foundation for a business. These experts help businesses by:


Capturing the knowledge.

Enabling an action.

Empowering employees.

Encouraging people to share knowledge.


These four points can help businesses to create or develop a meaningful engagement tactic across different networking channels.

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