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Email marketing: build your email list and never rely on social networks.

Hi, Im nanci and this is you without an email list. Actually, this is you without and email list, when the social network you rely on will let you down… it happens. Here’s the link to download your List Building cheat sheet: Its called rented space, because its their space. Not your own space. So they can do whatever they want. They can sell it, they can close it, they can lock your account or delete your account for no reason, they can make it pay to play… they can do whatever they want. Do you know that terms & conditions that no one reads? Its there. It happened to me twice: I had a Facebook account that was deleted, because their robot that my name was impersonating a business (…), so Ive lost any contact with all my friends and I had friend on the other side of the planet and I dont have any other way to contact them, I dont even remember the last name, so gone forever. Plus my pictures, my best status update everything! All the pictures I was tagged in its all gone! But that was not business, so Im ok. Im still alive. I also had a Twitter account locked. They said they noticed a suspicious activity, something automated maybe but it was just me, giving a lot of hearts, to a lot of tweets, very fast, because I wanted to go to sleep. And they just thought it was something automated Plus Ive lost access to the email address I used to set up that account, so its gone forever But it doesnt matter the reason. They can delete your account tomorrow morning. Their house, their rules.. Twitter, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat whatever it is. Think about Vine! Its gone. Did you hear about PewDiePie wanting to shut down his channel after 50k subscribers? He says he wants to do that because the algorithm is changed on YouTube. Unless this is a publicity thing, I just told you how this is gonna end nothing. Their house, their rules. In conclusion, get your own email list. Whats an email list? Ask people to leave their email address, to download something or to stay updated with your newsletter and you store that address in your own database, on your server, your own space. Something that you pay for and no one will take it away from you. Unless you stop paying Let me know, in the comments below if you already had the unpleasant experience of disappearing from a social network. Its, somehow, excruciating, but if its business its deadly. Next week Ill be a little bit more specific about how you can build your own email list though content, A.K.A. you blog posts. How should thay look like, what should they give to the user, so you can ask people their email address. Keep it up with your small business, Im here to tell you how to make everyone love it. Meanwhile, why dont you show me some love? Gie a like to this video and subscribe to my channel to be notified each and every time I upload a new video. Dont forget to download your list building cheat sheet: And see you next week for a new online marketing quick tip and a downloadable freebie!

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