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Collaboration of Knowledge Network and E-Learning System with Social Sites for Teaching-Learning ************************************************************************************************ As the world is changing, the new technologies are getting born to interact with the current environment. Most of the students today have a social presence over the social networking sites. The student use these social sites to chat and keep their information updated. The usage of social networking sites among the teaching family has become common; the teachers in the colleges and universities can use these social networking tools for imparting knowledge to their students. In our research we have focused on designing a collaborative knowledge network and e-learning tool, which will help the student and faculty member to collaborate over a common platform. This knowledge-mapping tool will use the APIs of the social networking platforms for sharing the information between social sites and knowledge network tool, thus providing the faculty member, the choice and security to publish notes publicly to social networking websites. The information such as course profile and rubrics of the course will be made available on social networking sites through Metadata repository of Knowledge management tool that will extract the information from Learning Object repository (LOR) of E-learning system. This will create a better teaching and learning environment. Knowledge Network; Social Networking; Teaching and E-Learning; Information sharing; Learning Object Repository (LOR) For More Details Contact Us: **************************** Arihant Techno Solutions Mb: +91-7598492789 Mail:

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