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Delete Hate Speech or Pay Up, Germany Tells Social Media Companies

Sovibes brings you the best of the web in short videos Subscribe Like and Share Read more : Germany witnessed an increase in racist comments and anti-immigrant rhetoric after the arrival of more than a million migrants, predominantly from Muslim countries, since 2015, and Heiko Maas, the justice minister who drew up the draft legislation, said on Friday that it ensured that rules that currently apply offline would be equally enforceable in the digital sphere. The standoff between tech companies and politicians is most acute in Europe, where freedom of expression rights are less comprehensive than in the United States, and where policy makers have often bristled at Silicon Valleys dominance of peoples digital lives. Mirko Hohmann and Alexander Pirant of the Global Public Policy Institute in Berlin criticized the legislation as misguided for placing too much responsibility for deciding what constitutes unlawful content in the hands of social media providers. That includes using artificial intelligence to automatically remove potentially extremist material and banning news sites believed to spread fake or misleading reports from making money through the companies digital advertising platforms.

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