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Damian’s Social Networking Rule Book | Ebook

Get your free audio book: Social networking without the need for time travel A free, public domain ebook.i am Damian Brasher, an It engineer. I use social networking software for work and leisure and have been doing so for several first I often felt uncomfortable when using social networking software. It has taken me years to feel confident, be in control and know that I am not making mistakes, or at least recognise problems and remedy them. Accidental posting of an update that, on second glance, does not make sense or means something entirely different from the intended message, is embarrassing and can cause time consuming misunderstandings.i developed a set of rules to help me create updates, which save me time, harness the beneficial power of social networking software and do not cause me problems. I have compiled them and present them here in this public domain ebook. I have made useful business contacts through the use of social networking. Some updates increased of my software and visits to my websites. Crucial information has reached me through reading updates. Because of these tools, informal negotiation has occurred spontaneously and saved me not trying to be the most connected person, I like connecting with people at my own pace. We all have time to attract followers. I prefer to use a targeted approach to build a strong and meaningful network. Social networking is fun and incredibly useful. I hope you find my rules useful. If you only like or only need a few, then the ebook has done its job.the development project which led to the creation of Damian’s Social networking Rule Book (a Linux/unix long-term archive system) has successfully passed the Fedora project Qa process and is now an official update to the Fedora operating system. Fedora is a community based Os (different to Windows or Mac) sponsored by Red Hat. Around the 4th or 5th most widely used after Windows and Mac. Contact me:

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