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Cutest Ever! Kid criticizes Modi’s Note ban! Viral Video winning social media

This video is reportedly going viral in the social network platforms. Video shows a kid with his mom criticizing the recent Demonetization and slams Prime Minister Narendra Modi for Note ban. Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the demonetisation of old Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on November 8 and promised that the situation will get better in a few days. However, its Day 36 and people are still struggling for money. The lines outside ATMs and banks are still as long, many ATMs have gone dry and the condition is worse in rural areas, where access to banks or ATMs is not easy. While the government is advertising for cashless transactions using e-wallets or other digital means, the infrastructure to support the execution is lacking. As rightly pointed out on the Internet, there are areas in the country where there isnt enough electricity to charge a phone, let alone use it for transactions. Also, many vendors in the country are still not accustomed to or comfortable using phones, which makes it difficult for transactions to take place for daily use. Amid the chaos, video of a little kid criticising demonetisation has gone viral on social media. The little one just repeats what the lady holding her says but its oh-so-adorable. And while its funny, and the lady supplying the one-liners does get carried away with her opinion on the PM, the way the kid says it has still managed to strike a chord with many as it reflects the difficulty that people have had to face to even get basic things like fruits and vegetables from the market. Source :

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