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Social media is become a fake world of people that we are truly not just to get validation from others that don’t even matter. Read Vanessa’s Blog Post about it here: Click below to get $35 towards your next vacation! Get $10 off your first Uber ride! use code: JAMESW1132 POPULAR UPLOADS RE-DOING MY ROOM!!! – WHY I MOVED TO SINGAPORE – SINGAPORE ROOM TOUR – FLYING FIRST CLASS – 2016 TRAVEL THE WORLD – LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP – I’M IN SHANGHAI?! – BANGKOK THAILAND – KUALA LUMPUR – COMPUTER SCIENCE FAQ – FRONT END WEB DEVELOPER – BLOG INSTAGRAM TWITTER PINTEREST For business inquires only, please email me at F A Q What camera do you use? Canon 70D & Canon G7X What lens do you use? Canon 50mm f/1.8 & Tamaron 17- 50mm f/2.8 What do you use to edit your videos? Final Cut Pro X How old are you? 21 Where do you live? I’m from America but currently live in Singapore Where is your accent from? It’s polish, northern virginian, and utahn. I moved around a lot in my life. What do you use for lighting your videos? Natural lighting as much as possible How do you afford time and money to travel? (MOST FAQ) I put money aside every month and travel where the best deals are! I make time to travel by making it a priority. Whether that means taking time off work, go during holidays, or even quit my job. Traveling is very important to me and I’m willing to sacrifice. What do you study in University? Computer Science but I am taking a break to live my dream since school will always be there ;) Why did you move to Singapore? I have a video here explaining that: F T C This video is not sponsored.

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