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Connect Your Social Networks and Apps with IFTTT, If This Then That

Watch this video I made about this website that I use to link my social networks to each using triggers. You can also link the your account to your android devices, appliances and other web-enabled electronics. If you want to set out a tweet to everyone every Tuesday at 5pm, you can do that with IFTTT. It’s FREE to sign up and very easy to use and setup. If you have any questions or need help with using the website leave me a comment below. CONTACT ME Email me at Add me on Facebook: Fanpage: Instagram: Twitter: Keywords social networking facebook groups seo search engine optimization how to connect facebook to twitter how to link social networks free if this then that ifttt ifttt tutorial ifttt seo how to use ifttt ifttt alexa ifttt alexa uk ifttt recipes ifttt google home ifttt sonos ifttt maker ifttt android ifttt whatsapp ifttt review ifttt app ifttt api ifttt alternatives ifttt amazon echo uk ifttt arduino ifttt arlo seo tutorial how to get more subscribers how to get more viewers how to get more likes on your fanpage how to get more leads on facebook how to get more sales using instagram how to get more sign ups how to get more leads free leads mca is a scam mca scammers mca benefits mca is not a scam motorclub of america long tail keywords the haitian mogul how to make videos on youtube how to use facebook groups how to get leads using facebook how to get more sales how to make money online work from home moms work from home opportunity work from home business online entrepreneur connect social networks connect social networks in outlook 2010 connect social networks to outlook connect social network accounts connect social network app connect to social networks microsoft outlook 2013 connect all social networks connect to social networks to show profile photos connect multiple social networks connect all my social networks best app to connect social networks disable connect to social networks microsoft outlook 2010 connect social media guru connect social media guru jaipur connect social media group how to connect social networks connect to social networks microsoft outlook 2010 connect all social media one place connect to another social network outlook connect office to social networks adobe connect social media pod social-networks connect services connect social media to wordpress connect social media to website connect all social networks together connect all social media together connect social media wordpress connect website to social networks connect your social networks connect social media app

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