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Complete Professional Image Editor Photo Editing Software – Image Editor Pro Image Editor Pro Software (PC & Mac) Details:: This unique software comes with Full HD Camera to take PHOTOS and bundled complete Photo EDIT SUITE with easy to follow Instructions. This uniquely created software lets you transform your device into a FULL EDITING STUDIO with many many editing options ALL PACKED IN ONE single software which no other software offers. 1-Touch magic filters (Reality, Bay, Single, Bronze, Action, Sharpen, Solo, …etc) and magic effects (Make Up, Poster, Drawing, Edge, …etc) to magically transform any pic to awesome. Make a series of fascinating high definition photos and share them with friends and family via email or social network sites. The software has camera that allows to take quick HD photos. You can capture the perfect moment without any fuss. Apply Endless Edits and Enhancements with “Smart Image Editor PRO” and make them more diverse. Transform your device into a full editing studio. Image Editor Pro comes with a powerful set of post-production editing suite that lets you create a retro look with just one click. No matter you are a professional or a novice, with this software you can make some amazing picture effects in less than one minute. It includes multiple functions that are often in image processing, and has almost all the photo editing functions and photo effects. COLOR CORRECTION:Getting color right is both an art and science. Color correction is effective method of adjusting white balance. Adjust brightness, contrast, warmth etc. TYPE: Add Text and Captions with Multiple Colors, cool fonts, different sizes and proper alignments. Color Splash converts your photo into a black and white image, whilst still retaining the color information – then Color Splash Effect gives you the freedom to pop out color wherever youd like. Blur Background – Professional portraits often have a beautiful, soft, blurred background which really makes the subject stand out. Create that awesome effect in a quick and easy step! RBG: The RGB is designed to allow you to modify the various light levels colors found within an image in a way that will give you greater control and contrast of your photograph. SKETCH: Sketch mode for adding text or images with any color. Draw a nice reminder and messages on photos and convey them to friends and family. ANGLE: Easily rotate photo to any angle you desire. or Flip horizontally / vertically. or 3D rotation. CROP: Easily remove unwanted areas from a photographic or illustrated image by easily dragging the corner. RESIZE:Scaling is a non-trivial process that involves a trade-off between efficiency, smoothness and sharpness. This can be achieved in resize mode by automatic scaling to your desired image size. Multiple 1-Touch magic filters (Reality, Bay, Single, Bronze, Action, Sharpen, Solo, …etc) and magic effects (Make Up, Poster, Drawing, Edge, …etc) to magically transform pictures to awesome pictures you desire. GREETINGS: Youll find a perfect card for everyone on your list when you choose a personalized card. Multiple designed stamps and different expression smileys to create greeting cards. You can add your own photos, multiple designed graphic stamps expressing wishes available within software, different expression smileys, type words or just insert a name if the message is perfect as iseither way, its special because you added your own style and flair. Share your photo greeting via email or social network site. Your friends and family will be pleasantly surprised by your thoughtfulness. Apply unlimited effects and edits to pictures -Changed your mind? No worries, you can undo effects and edits too. -It couldnt be easier Our effects are not just limited to new photos, you can easily import existing photos from your gallery and magically transform them in seconds. Quickly Share your cool shots along with typed message via e-mail or social network sites. Also can Print hard copies directly from device. BONUS:: Digital Picture Frame – As soon as photos are added to your frame, they are automatically resized and runs auto-pilot playing slideshows. Details::

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