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Competitive advantage: Social media advertising for small businesses

Click the link to get your audit. Have you used the Yellow Pages this year? Have you invested in online advertising? Can you measure the return on investment (ROI) on your ad spend? Are the answer to any of the above “NO”? If business owners do not have the answers to these questions, how do your customers find your business? After speaking to business owners in vintage shops, arts and innovations centres, musical artists, restaurants, cafes, cake shops bookstores we found that many small business owners simply lack the time to plan and construct their social media strategy so we’re giving you one for free! What we’ve found is those small businesses are not promoting their products and services on social media effectively because they plunge al their time into the running of the business. The number 1 reason we are taken up on our offers is that we save the business owners much needed time as we put their social media marketing on autopilot. We guarantee a return on investment and are so confident that our offer includes: -Free strategy -Free social media audit -30 Day full money back guarantee – Keep the whole digital infrastructure Get your social media audit and book a strategy session with us! to see more of our products.

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