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Coaching Tools – Social Media Marketing – Too Much & Too Little

You would not walk up to someone at a party and say “hi, my name is blank and I would like to show you my new product” so don’t do that when you are working in social media. Act like you would if you were talking to people at a party.

Introduce yourself then find out about the other person and what you can do for them. Find out who they are and what they are interested in. When you approach someone at a party you begin by talking about what they are doing in their lives and you are looking for things or interests you may have in common. The same is true with social media.

Endless promotional Messages

Social media marketing is not all about you! Sending out endless messages promoting a product, event or service is no different than spam. It’s not the same as having a campaign – everyone is in business and needs to make money. There has to be a balance between sharing information and informing people of the services you offer.

Never join a group and start marketing to them before you have been involved in the conversation and given something to the group. In fact, you should have given a lot to the group before you begin to market or talk about your products. My rule of thumb is to make five comments a about or to others before I allow myself to promote.

It is also not a good idea to use autoresponders with social media because people know what they are and they are very impersonal. The old saying say “be interested to be interesting” and that is very true in social media. Using an autoresponder says I have a marketing machine going and I am interested it what is in this for me not what I can do for you.

Staying silent and lurking rather than participating

Social media marketing includes the word social for a reason. It is about relationships and you must participate to have a relationship. If you want clients to coach with you then they are going to have to get to know like and trust you. People cannot get to know, like and trust you if you stay in the background and do not join the conversation.

You don’t have to connect with everyone but you do need to participate in groups that are related to your target coaching niche. Share information that can help others in these groups and answer questions that may arise. When you are helpful and serving others they will be attracted to you.

Social media and social media marketing are the new frontier of internet marketing so you must be active in this area to succeed and compete with others in your target niche.

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