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Can Alternative Social Media Like, Minds, beat YouTube, Twitter and Facebook? – Whang!

Free speech and censorship on social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Twitter has been an increasingly hot topic for the past year or so. In the wake of this issue, a number of alternative social media sites such as Gab, Minds and have popped up, many of them pushing the promise of free speech as their number one selling point. Although I think more competition in social media is a good thing for users in general, and most of these sites aim not be number one, but to merely exist as an alternative, many of their users are convinced that sites like Gab, Minds and will one day put Facebook, Twitter and YouTube out of business. In my opinion, it will take a lot more than simply the promise of free speech to accomplish this. Alex Jones Pickle Gate Your Kids Are Not My Problem Shocking Tinder Experiment Recording Setup: Microphone Blue Snowball iCe ( Camera Logitech C922 ( Links: Support Me on Patreon Subscribe Follow Me On Twitter Facebook Outro theme: Jynx – Phantoms Instagram @hotpikachusex Snapchat @hotpikachusex

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