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Build a Social Network – Mark Bowness

Listen to the whole episode at Building a social network can 10x the profit of your business, but the focus should not be about selling. It should be on how you can provide value so people see you as a thought leader. Positioning yourself as a thought leader changes the world in your own way. You can grow and build a movement of people that are passionate with what you are doing. Mark Bowness, one of the masters at building tribes, shares how you can be a thought leader by creating Facebook groups which will result in generating as many leads and will exponentially grow your business. Key Takeaways: Learn the biggest mistake that business owners make Know the Pillars of Thought Leader Mastery Understand why Facebook pages are dead unless you pay to boost a status. Know why you should start creating a Facebook group. Learn how to personally brand yourself so your audience can find your Facebook group Understand how Facebook Search Graph is a powerful marketing and research tool Know how you can get engagement from group membersLearn how you can attract media attention Database is the key. Focus on how you can build your database Must Have Resources: Join Mark Bowness Facebook Group 30 Days To Kickstart Your Life Change Book by Mark Bowness Get A Virtual Assistant (Hire an amazing team overseas) Thriving Launch School Create and sell your own online course Subscribe: Listen to the whole episode at:

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