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Build a community around your idea with Ning! Ning – is the worlds largest SaaS platform for creating social networking websites of all types that sparkle like stars in the constellations of our Galaxy. The platform offers advanced tools and sophisticated ways for your effortless and successful creation of a new online community that meets all requirements as per features and tools. Ning makes it incredibly easy to create a beautiful social network. You dont need any technical knowledge or background. All you really need is to use Nings drag and drop network editor and Design Studio to build your web-site the way you see it and fill it with dazzling content, which can be your own story. With a huge variety of pre-installed useful features you can grow a perfect network: Free Hosting 24/7 support Use your own domain Space for Ning creators only – help center, but better Simple & powerful Design Studio Responsive design Photo and Video to visualize your story Blogs and Forums to communicate with your followers, get feedback, ask questions and much more Unlimited number of Groups Customizable Member Categories and Profiles Inbuilt Analytics Email Broadcast facility Member sign-in via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google & more Youtube and Vimeo integration Real-time Activity Feed Huge customization options SEO optimized Facebook, Discus or native comments Anti spam protection Whether you are a business owner, alumni, musician, charity organization or a professional mum you can share anything you want! Twitter: Facebook: Bloomberg: Wikipedia:

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