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BeBee: Personal Branding Platform or Social Network? With Matt Sweetwood, Episode #29

[47:08] What is BeBee? BeBee is a NEW professional social network and personal branding platform. They help sales leaders like you to build a network, expand your reach, and connect in a way that is authentic and genuine. Dont settle for platforms that limit your personal branding capabilities! Find out what BeBee can do for YOU! On this episode of #SellingWithSocial, youll hear from business expert and BeBee CEO, Matt Sweetwood. Matt touches on compelling topics like his journey of raising FIVE kids as a single dad, how he got his start in sales, the difference between selling a product and selling an experience, and MUCH MORE! You dont want to miss this exciting episode! Outline of This Episode: [1:00] I introduce my guest, Matt Sweetwood. [2:00] Matt tells his story, the cliff notes version. [5:00] The story behind Matts journey as a single parent of 5! [9:30] How badly do you want to achieve your goals? [11:30] Selling an experience makes all the difference! [17:00] The power of building trust and taking time with customers. [21:00] What are BeBee Networks? [28:30] How Salespeople can use BeBee Networks. [35:00] Navigating successes and challenges in launching a startup. [39:00] Making tough decisions as a business leader. ** For more LinkedIn Profile Optimization techniques, Personal Branding, Content Marketing, Sales, Digital Sales, Social Selling Training and Talent Recruitment Tips by 7 of the worlds lead Digital Sales Transformation Experts, subscribe to our Vengreso YouTube channel at and follow the social channels listed below! Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: LinkedIn: Subscribe to our Newsletter:

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