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AlphaPro’s Social Media Summit discusses the Role of Social Media in Pakistan

TvOne awarded ICON Digital recognition for social media development Islamabad: Alphapro’s social media summit discussed and praised the developments and expansions in Social Media in Pakistan. In excess of 400 online networking activists, corporate & government reps, University students from crosswise over Pakistan held hands to talk about the Role & Impact of Social Media in Pakistan and forge related strategies, at the great #SocialMediaSummit along with distributing awards to the prominent organizations and people working for the betterment in their respective digital field was composed by AlphaPro, a famous advanced media setup administrative organization. Honorary chef guest Mr Lijian Zhao awarded one of the biggest media entertainment channel TvOne ICON Digital award in recognition for digital media development. Mr Amir Syed, Head of TvOne Digital received the award in behalf of Airwaves Media. Over the last few years, social media has globally emerged as one of the most powerful opinion making tools where ordinary public has the leverage to make their presence felt and voice heard. Like rest of the world, social media in Pakistan to play a vital role in shaping ideas and reshaping public opinion, the chief guest said while sharing views during the occasion.” – Lijian Zhao. Later, Speaking on the occasion, Managing Director AlphaPro Adeel Ayub said Recognizing the importance of social media, the Social Media Summit aims at preventing the misuse of this worldwide phenomenon in addition to providing great learning opportunities for people interested in digital media marketing and to promote networking for the people related to social media. Amid the event, online networking activists and other noted identities conveyed addresses, held intuitive sessions and board dialogs supported by video illustrations introductions to talk about critical issues including social media promoting procedures, the part of open source in creating youth in Pakistan, part of web-based social networking in ladies strengthening and significant subjects of digital intrigue.

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