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A chat with Mathias Vermeulen, one of 15 co-authors of “Social technologies in business”

Simon Fogg chats with Mathias Vermeulen, one of 15 co-authors of the book “Social technologies in business | connect | share | lead” that was published earlier this year. Mathias wrote 4 chapters of the book:- Chapter 8 Enterprise Social Networks for dummies Chapter 9 How to choose the right Enterprise Social Network Chapter 10 Automation and integration: crucial for a successful Enterprise Social Network Chapter 7 Low-budget and easy-to-use knowledge sharing tools We used the above listing as the framework for the chat. Google Books entry: Mathias’ web presences: Twitter: LinkedIn: Facebook: Instagram: Mathias’ company web site: Simon can mainly be found on Twitter: Simon’s discussion questions on the book: The reference to the Slack CTO’s article in the “How I Work” Lifehacker series:

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