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22 Brilliant Social Media Marketing Tips


You’ve already perhaps been through that period in which you’ve sent a near uncountable number of canned email messages to your prospects. And if you’ve already done it, you may have also seen that the results get lesser as time goes on. Why is this? Well, there are spam filters in place and of course, your prospects know how to read whether an email is a canned one or not. What matters nowadays is genuine content and connecting with your business contacts. So, how can you achieve a highly successful email marketing campaign? One way is through employing the power of social media into your campaign.


Social media is already a well-known driving factor that helps businesses gauge the level of interest of their B2B leads, promote their content, and expose their company culture to attract and generate more interest in their brand. If this is so, how does one make use of social media to make an email marketing campaign successful? Let’s talk about that then…


Which area of social media should you focus on? – There are two such areas of social media you can make use of, specifically social networking and blogging. The traditional method of doing things would be to buy an email marketing list, however, you can also build your own list through this approach by engaging with your prospects. By using a social network, you can connect with your B2B leads and start understanding their unique needs. As a company that offers a service/product, you of course want to be the one to provide the solution. Establishing a connection with your prospects help to increase the chances of them working with you and it also allows you to generate quality leads and add more business contacts to your email marketing list. As for blogging, you can get the email addresses of people who leave comments on your blog and express an interest in your content and in your offers.


I’ve got email addresses. What now? – Now that you have your email addresses, you can begin sending your marketing emails. However, before you go do that, you can start editing the content of said emails and attune them to each of your prospect’s needs. As said in the opening part of this post, genuine content is a big factor in achieving a successful email marketing campaign. Making use of social media allows you to understand each of your prospect’s unique needs and craft better emails for each of them. Although it may seem like a long process, better content should generate much more responses from your business contacts.


How can you gauge results? – One metric for this is the click-through rate. The better your content and the more relevant it is to your prospects (subject line included), the higher the chances that they will actually read it. And of course, a higher click-through rate translates to better results and means that you may have captured the interests of your prospects.


Don’t ignore social media as it acts one of the best tools for marketers these days. Make use of it to generate better B2B leads, connect with your prospects, and even to build better email marketing lists.

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